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About Us

tune up logistics management GmbH is a management and consulting company focussed on logistcs processes and organisation structure and was founded by two successful, experienced, and long term managers on business management level. The main target of our company is to support our customers in all levels regarding pocesses, organisation structure and optimization thoughout the complete supply chain management.

tune up logistics is there for you so that you can concentrate on your core business!

The managing director of the tune up logistics management GmbH is Mr. Reiner Schwarz.

Reiner Schwarz

Reiner Schwarz, born in 1957, has over 40 years of experience within the logistics industry. Reiner Schwarz has at his disposal a broad portfolio of know-how with demonstrable successes at all levels including management functions in the retail industry, international KEP services, project management functions in corporate trade logistics, responsibility for profit centers in an European-wide, international logistics company as well as task force and restructuring management.

Alongside Mr. Schwarz’s extensive knowledge of temperature-controlled supply chains, his proven expertise in the warehouse, contract, and distribution areas complete his comprehensive overview of all supply chain processes. Additionally, Reiner Schwarz is an excellent contact person for the efficient and target-oriented exchange for the optimization of all logistical process steps as well as their efficient optimization. Moreover, in terms of all trade, industry, and service relevant aspects, Mr. Schwarz is fully acquainted with effective and intelligent KPI and CIP management systems, including their respective action planning, implementation and monitoring. On the basis of the knowledge and ability that Mr. Schwarz possesses, he is highly qualified to successfully provide support to you in all aspects of operative and tactical changes to be carried out, even if these should involve complex restructuring issues.

Reiner Schwarz is a proven expert in the logistics industry who possesses extensive operative, tactical, and strategic knowledge and abilities in the European-wide market. He is able to lend you the support that you require in all questions of process design, optimization, restructuring as well as coaching and consultation in a convincing and sustainable manner.

What We Do

On the basis of our experience, resulting from decades of successful activity, across all levels of management, we are predestined to assist and support you efficiently and in a goal-oriented manner in all segments and at all process levels of the logistics industry. We have a broad-based portfolio at our disposal including know-how of project consultation, restructuring, optimization of organizational structures, management development, right on through to supply chain management, logistics management, and strategy consultation. As a matter of course, should you require temporary or project-related interim-management, we would also be more than pleased to assist you in your endeavours.

tune up logistics will be glad to assist you in the optimal coordination of your operational, tactical, and strategic processes. We will then assist you further in the efficient as well as needs-based new orientation of your processes.

How we work

tune up logistics is based on optimal interlinking processes and hassle-free interfaces that will enable you and your employees to be aware of what the goals and tasks are of the respective project in order to guarantee the maximum success of that project.

In order to be able to support you effectively and efficiently, we will have to become familiar with your company’s logistics philosophy. For this reason, we begin each new project with a free consultation, usually by telephone (approx. 30 mins.), which is then normally followed up by a proper consultation in your offices. As soon as we have established an understanding between us, we will then create an offer especially tailored to your requirements including plantable appointments and your calculable expenses.

We are streamlined for efficiency; therefore, will shall certainly not over strain your time. We will only prepare an offer for you if we are quite certain that we can successfully support you.

We keep our promises–and this is what we desire to be measured by.

Who we consult

Whether you have recently founded a new company, require a logistics set up, are a firmly established medium-sized or small company that wishes to analyze, optimize, or restructure its current logistical processes–we are eager and pleased to have the opportunity to support you!

Let us consider together how we can optimally coordinate, realign, or modify your logistical processes.

How to contact us

Phone: +49 33056 94390

We look forward to being your logistics professionals!

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